When an Urge hits!

Do you frequently have urges to overeat, over a drink or whatever it is?

Do you know why you find it so hard to stop giving in to your urges? 

The urge to eat is caused by a thought that you are having, what makes it difficult is dealing with the urge when you don’t comply.

My clients come to me fighting hard against the urges that come up thinking all they need is more willpower. They are pushing back and trying so hard to say no to those urges, but when we fight against them, they become stronger. They become so strong that all they want is for the urges to go away. However, what ends up happening is because when you fight so hard, you become worn down. You don’t want to fight it anymore, so you give up and give in to the urge. 

So what thoughts are you having? Are they something like; 

I want it? It looks so good there is no way I can not have it. Omg that bread smells so good there is no way I can stop myself from having some, I need it? Just one bite.

Urges demand an action. Urges want instant gratification; they have no control over you unless you give in to them. You do not ever have to comply with an urge.

Urges are like toddlers screaming for candy, and if we continuously comply, then the urge continues to grow stronger and more insistent.

An urge is just a desire, an intense desire, caused by your thinking. When we reward that desire, it perpetuates the desire. The more we reward our urges, the more intense the urges get. 

So what do you do if you have an urge? You don’t react to it, and you don’t resist it. You allow it. 

Think about the toddler in the store screaming for candy. Let’s say you walk down the first aisle with them screaming and crying, by the time you have gone thru the whole store listening to the screaming and crying you end up giving in because you are upset and angry with how they were acting. If you are doing this, this is you resisting their actions. It is you wishing you had more willpower, but willpower is not what is needed. From this place, you end up giving in and letting them have the candy. Your toddler learned that screaming is an effective way to get candy.

When we allow the toddler to have their fit without reacting or trying to make them stop, and when we allow them to do that without complying or resisting, they will eventually stop. 

This is the same with urges. The urge to eat a certain kind of food will not kill us if we don’t answer it. However, so many of us are in the pattern and habit of trying to manage urges by resisting them. If you do this, you will lose the battle. You have to learn how to let the urges flow through you, let cravings to be there, especially in the beginning, so you aren’t constantly resisting or reacting to them, you aren’t exhausting yourself by using willpower to push them away. 

So remember, when you have an urge, and you reward it, it intensifies. When you allow it to be there without resisting or rewarding it, it dissipates. The urges will eventually go away. 

How I work with my clients on ending urges is to teach them a process where we start by making decisions ahead of time than when an urge comes up, they are going to pause for 10 minutes to allow the urge and to experience it. 

Our brain is wired for instant gratification, so you pausing for 10 mins will allow your ‘thinking’ brain to take over.

My clients when the 10 mins are up, then use their urge jar. I have them put a bead in the jar after every urge that they went through successfully. Why this works is because our brain still thinks it is getting a reward. We are deconditioning our brain from food as a reward and switching it to the glass beads in the jar as the reward.

This process is what has worked for myself and my clients so that they can open the fridge, see the cake and no longer have any desire to have just one bite. 

The thing is if you follow what I have shown you it will work for you too, but my clients come to me because they need help with processing emotion and allowing the urges. This is the part that does not come naturally to us, and that may require some deep processing and some deeper practice. 

So if this doesn’t work immediately for you, I want you to consider letting me work with you so that you don’t have to figure it out alone. We can create strategies that will give you the weight loss that you have been trying for too many years to achieve. 

One mini-consultation might be all it takes, so let’s get started right away. Click here to schedule a 30-minute mini-session and begin transforming your life today. 




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Why losing weight is so hard?

What makes it hard?

What makes losing weight hard is the way we think about it. 

Losing weight being hard is only because of your mind.

Yes, that is right! It is because of the thoughts that are happening. 

Losing weight happens; what you think is why it feels hard.

There is no hard or easy way to it unless your mind thinks so.

The thoughts about being hard are what makes it seem hard to lose weight.

This is why it is so important to listen to your thoughts.

To lose weight, you must start getting out of your way. When you think of it as hard, that is how you end up sabotaging your efforts. 

Think about what you are saying to yourself about losing weight being hard. What is it you are telling yourself all day about;

-your ability to eat healthy

-your ability to follow your protocol

-your likelihood of keeping the weight off

-your exercise

-your busy schedule

-your body

I want you to make a list of everything that you are telling yourself about losing weight being hard. Write everything down, good or bad because you are thinking about it anyway.

Do NOT judge yourself on any of it. Do not think that there is something wrong with you or be upset about it. 

Why do I ask my clients to write a list out? I do so because if you think it is hard and you are not aware of all your thoughts, you end up using “It is hard” as a reason to quit, not fully show up, to hide or buffer. 

You end up having thoughts like “This is so hard, I don’t have enough willpower,” and then you end up overeating on those cookies sitting on the counter.

If you’re telling the story of losing weight being hard, you also have a choice of telling a story of enjoying the process of losing weight. This is an option for you too.

You have a choice to focus on losing weight being hard or it not. Losing weight is just losing weight; it is not hard or easy; it is neutral. 

You choose which you’d like to see and focus on.

So now with your list, I want you to read it out loud one at a time to yourself and decide is this something that you would want others to say to you?

Would you be motivated to lose weight if your friend or husband said these things to you?

If your answer is no, it’s time for you to change what it is you are saying to yourself. What would you want to say to yourself instead?

Take your list of all the things you are telling yourself and now next to each one write what you do want to think. 

Use this second list anytime one of your initial thoughts pop up. Being intentional with the thoughts you want to think takes practice.. 

Over time these new thoughts are what will becomes your new way of thinking.

What you say daily to yourself is so important, so make sure it is something that will move you toward your goal, not away.

I am a Certified Life and Weight Coach. I work with clients one-on-one to lose weight for the last time. I love to work with women who are ready to try something new!

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What is stopping you from losing weight? It isn’t what you think

How many times have you tried to lose weight only to give up? Most of us who have done way too many diets have a fear of failing yet again? 

What you don’t realize is that fear of failure affects you. That thought will sabotage you every time. Most likely, you don’t even know you have that thought; “I will give it a try, but I know it probably won’t work out” or “Nothing ever works.”

These thoughts I had kept me from losing weight for many years because why do anything If I thought I was going to fail anyway. If you would have asked me, there was no way that I even knew I had that thought; it was an unconscious thought that developed from the many years of dieting and failing. 

All of those thoughts inside your head some you are aware of and some not. These thoughts are setting yourself up to fail ahead of time.

Why would you even want to fail ahead of time?

When you fail ahead of time, that is you doubting your ability, so you don’t really try, why bother! And if we don’t bother, then you prevent yourself from failing because how can you fail when you didn’t put the work in that was needed.

Unconsciously you think that pre-failing keeps you safe and comfortable and you won’t get hurt, but this is a lie.

Think about every day you are not at your goal weight because you didn’t try that doesn’t have you feeling any better. 

Not giving it your all was because you fear to fail. Your brain wants to keep you safe and comfortable, so it is saying to you, don’t try and you won’t fail. Or you ‘try’ until you get uncomfortable or something comes up and then you stop because why bother putting a whole lot of work and effort in if you are going to fail anyway. 

So you continue to feel uncomfortable because you remain at the weight you are, this is the result you get when you let the fear of failure take over.

Pre-failing doesn’t hurt less; you still hurt. 

You sitting on the couch each night eating ice cream feeling sorry for yourself because you are afraid of failing again will only keep you where you are at. Instead, what about saying to yourself, “I can’t afford to sit here on the couch if I want to lose the weight.”

You have NO chance of succeeding with weight loss if you don’t try because you are afraid of failing. 

I used to be so afraid of failing, and when I realized that failure is good because we learn and grow from it, this is when I started trying over and over again until I got to my goal weight.

I would never have been a Nurse, lost 100 pounds, become a runner or a weight loss coach if I didn’t allow myself to fail. Stop running from something but run to it. 

Have the courage with every opportunity you have to practice being okay with things not going the way you planned, and that is your chance to learn and grow. All your failures are what enables you to get the life you want.

What if you decided ahead of time that when you fail, you will not beat yourself up over it, and you will not quit?

What if we flipped failure on its head and collected it like badges of honour? What if a minimum of 5 failures per month was required as proof that we are putting ourselves out there in a big way?

How would you feel about failure then? 

How different would your life be?

Be all in on failure. 

Give it a try. I know you’ll see a difference. 

I am a Certified Life and Weight Coach. I work with clients one-on-one to lose weight for the last time. I love to work with women who are ready to try something new!

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Do you feel like you can’t control what you are eating?

In all the years I was yo-yo dieting I remember feeling my eating was out of control. It felt like I couldn’t stop.

The other day when I was working on a project that took a lot to figure out, I noticed feeling overwhelmed. It felt consuming. Did I want to feel it? No!

What I found myself doing was trying to make that feeling go away, to buffer it. I noticed myself getting up from my computer to go check out what my husband was doing, to go let the dog out and then when that didn’t make it feel any better I ended up in the fridge looking for something to eat. I know I wasn’t hungry yet my brain was telling me I was. 

In the past, I would have eaten anything I could find; there was no way I could have stopped. It took a lot to fill me up. I felt so out of control. Food was an easy choice for me to cope with an uncomfortable emotion. Eating was the only way I knew how to dull the negative feeling. The thing was eating was only a temporary fix. I ended up feeling so full, and that negative feeling was still there. All that buffering with food didn’t make it go away.

What I have learned that has me no longer being out of control with my eating was that my brain was actually operating exactly as it was designed to. Our brain is all about keeping us safe and comfortable. 

The biggest misconception people have about losing weight is that it’s possible to go through the process of losing weight comfortably. A lot of diets promise this. If we are working on making the changes needed to lose weight permanently, of course, that will be uncomfortable. Change is very uncomfortable for us.

So overeating is our attempt to get some comfort. What I want you to consider is that losing weight should be uncomfortable and we can tolerate and manage it if we know how to and decide to. The tools and techniques I teach my clients are what is needed. 

Your ability to be successful in losing weight is all about your willingness and ability to be uncomfortable.

What you need to know is the discomfort that you are having in the moment is only temporary. If you tolerate and manage it and don’t eat, then you will achieve the long-term comfort of being at your goal weight. Yeah, I hear you! Easier said than done, right! That is where I do the most work with my clients because it is one thing to know what to do, but doing it is another story. 

Each and every time you don’t eat when you have an uncomfortable feeling is you building your new habit. Eventually, the more you do this, the less effort will be needed to not turn to food. 

When I was willing to feel any emotion instead of eating, that became my new pattern of action. Don’t get me wrong; there are times the feeling that comes up still can feel unbearable, but I know I can get through it and not eat. I know that I am in complete control because there’s no emotion I’m not willing to feel.

When you are willing to experience whatever comes up, and you don’t eat that is when your need for any kind of escape disappears. When you learn how to be uncomfortable temporarily, you get the benefit of being comfortable at your goal weight. 

If you want support in ending that out of control feeling you have with your eating I am there for you. Book a strategy call here so you can start to stop that struggle you have had for way too long. 

I am looking forward to talking with you.




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How To Stop Stress Eating

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For years I didn’t realize I was an emotional eater.

I ate when I was stressed

I ate when I was sad

I ate when I was bored

I ate when I was lonely

I ate when I wanted comfort

I ate when I was tired

I also ate when I was happy!

Back when I was working on losing 100 pounds, I didn’t know, or maybe I refused to see that a lot of the time I was emotionally eating.

So what is emotional eating?

It is when we use food to deal with our emotions (negative and positive).

Emotional eating is us eating to avoid, deny or numb out the negative emotions that are there or to enhance the positive ones.

So then why do we not deal with our emotions, why do we turn to food instead?

What happens is we have no idea what we are feeling, or we may be feeling something, but we don’t like it, It feels uncomfortable.  We turn to food to try to make ourselves feel better and the solution that is our old stand by is food.

I was so good at not dealing with my feelings and talking myself into being ok with all I was eating, I remember my line “I love feeling full”, That famous line of mine was just my way of not wanting to admit to myself I was sad, lonely and didn’t think I was good enough.

Guess what, because I had no idea I was emotionally eating, and I knew no different, so this is what I taught my children.

When they were upset and crying, I tried to comfort them, to make it all the better for them and the way I knew how was with some hugs AND saying “let’s go for ice cream,” or baking them cookies. That might not be wrong, but I did show them what I believed, and that was don’t sit and allow that feeling- eat, and all will be better.

Having the ice cream or the cookies isn’t a problem if we do it now and then but if that is what happens over and over this is when our brain starts to associate the idea that ice cream or whatever other food is the way to deal with that sadness, that frustration, that overwhelm; your emotions. It is an answer to what you are feeling.

Emotional eating no longer has a hold on me these days. Yes, I do have times, especially when I am tired that I feel so hungry, but I am very aware it is not food I am needing, it is sleep that I need. Knowing this, I have a choice to eat or to go to bed, and sleep is always my choice now.

Please don’t beat yourself up or think there is something wrong with you because you should know better, we haven’t been taught to be with, manage or cope with our emotions.

I know that I learned that the only solutions to my negative emotions were

-to treat my stress with cookies

-my overwhelm with a bag of chips

-also, don’t forget that ice cream, it solved it all!

What we have to realize is that all emotions, positive and negative everyone feels, and if we reach for food instead of feeling those emotions, it doesn’t make them go away or any better.

Remember a feeling is just a vibration in your body that you never learned to deal with.

Be kind and loving to yourself because you know no different.

Be curious without any judgement so that you can start to learn what feeling is there so you can find a real solution.

There is another way to eating to deal with our emotions, and I can show you how you can end this.

You are worth it!



Can’t Stop That Urge?

A craving is just a feeling that you want something. You have the urge for something. You are having a desire for something. A craving, urge and desire all mean the same thing- it is your thoughts that have you feeling you want or need it NOW!

Do you grab a handful of nuts or go to the vending machine and grab the chips?

You have a craving, and you feel the urge to go eat something and as soon as you feel that you respond to it.

You have the desire for that candy in the bowl, and you go to have it. How do you get rid of it?

I used to have nightly urges for a large bowl of ice cream, and I was able to end that.
The key to ending your cravings is not to fight to get rid of it. Working hard on trying not to react to it or to try to resist it is precisely what willpower is. It feels like a big struggle; willpower is holding that ball underwater, and eventually, it will come back up.

So how do you end a craving? When you have a craving, you have to allow it to be there.

You stop yourself at the moment. You allow that craving to be there for that ice cream. You allow that feeling of wanting something.

The feeling of experiencing a craving is totally harmless. You will not die. Honestly, would you ever die if you did not eat something you wanted to eat?

Our brain has us feeling like it is an emergency if we don’t have that ice cream. Trust me; your craving is completely harmless. There is nothing you can’t handle.

The feeling you are having has no power over you. Your brain has the last decision of reaching for the ice cream and putting it in your mouth.

Your feelings are powerless because they don’t force us to have it. It can be there, and you still get to decide on having it or not.

If you don’t stop and you do act on the desire you are having for the ice cream, that is just you rewarding or reinforcing the urge.

So if you have the desire for the ice cream and you chose not to have it do so, not by resisting but allowing it to be there. You know you have the desire to have it, and you chose not to have it. You keep repeating this and the urges/cravings will decrease and eventually disappear.

Not taking actions on your urges is the key to eventually feeling indifferent to the ice cream.

It is not about making it go away or resisting or fighting it. It is all about the desire for it to be there but not taking action and not responding. And every time you do it, you will decrease the desire. You are choosing not to respond.

Are you giving in to your cravings/urges and need help? Please schedule your FREE mini session here. I’ll guide you through the session; all you have to do is show up with an open mind.


“I can’t do it”- What do you do?

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I had an Ah-Ha moment the other day when my 3 yr old granddaughter was over. I had brought out this cute little “photocopier.” She had to insert the blank paper into the “machine,” which had a piece of carbon paper underneath. She then used the stylus to draw with, and when done, she had to eject the paper which had her drawing on it. 

My granddaughter brought the box to me, telling me she wanted the picture that was on the box to be drawn. I had encouraged her to give it a try, she barely started drawing when “I can’t” was spoken. She gave up and started pouting, which was her way to try to get me to do it for her. I gave her the little pep talk that just gives it a try as it takes practice.

What just happened had me thinking back to my childhood. I remember Math being so hard when I was young. I would sit and do my homework in the evenings crying. I remember saying, “I can’t,” and “It is too hard.” If felt crappy struggling. My mom tried to help me out, and if I kept on crying, then eventually she pretty much did it for me. I know she did that from a place of love because it bothered her to see me upset and struggling. She just wanted to make it better for me to console me. 

That thought “I can’t” felt like a fact most of my life. That thought was always in my my mind, and even though I was not aware of it being there, it held me back from doing so many things I wanted to do. I believed it was true, so I avoided trying out something new or sticking with it because that would have me feeling uncomfortable.

All of that avoiding discomfort lead to my emotional eating. It is so common for people to eat in response to distress because they don’t know how else to deal with it and food is the easy solution. The problem is it is only a short term solution. 

I now see that growing up, when things felt uncomfortable and scary, I looked to someone to make it feel better for me, more comfortable. I wanted them to figure it out and even solve it. Doing this took away the discomfort because then I didn’t have to deal with it, I didn’t have to be uncomfortable, it was on something or somebody else. But when there was no one to turn to food was the next option. Why not, because that was what was programmed into my brain and became my habit. My mom gave love and comfort with her baking, so why wouldn’t I comfort myself with food. Food was used to feel better with. 

Over 10 years ago, that was when I fully realized what I was doing. Actually, I think I knew before then, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself. I decided to take responsibility for my life and my weight. 

What happens is that our brain seeks out pleasure to avoid pain. No wonder I was Eating to avoid the pain and discomfort that I was feeling in my life. 

This is a problem because food only comforts us while we are eating. The habit you have created to avoid the pain is the painful part. We eat to feel better, the comfort only lasts until we stop eating. It doesn’t solve the problem and eating will most likely cause even more discomfort than you began with.

The realization that hit me was it was more painful and uncomfortable to continue emotional eating than the pleasure I got from the food. Using food as my comfort solution whenever I felt uncomfortable stopped me from losing weight because the truth is we never stop feeling uncomfortable in our life.

Eating to deal with discomfort was familiar and easy for me. My overeating was part of my comfort zone because that was more comfortable than dealing with the negative feeling coming up. 

So if I kept running to food every time I felt discomfort, nothing would ever change. What I had to learn was to feel all my emotions. To be willing to feel the discomfort that was there. 

Think about it, you can sit around watching TV all day eating junk food which right now feels comfortable to you. Doing this is not helping you to lose weight. So if you want to get that weight loss, you have to do something different, and different will be uncomfortable and scary. Doing that different will be so worth it in the end when you get to your goal weight. 

You have to step out of your comfort zone, into the discomfort zone to get closer to your goal.

The more you let yourself be uncomfortable and keep taking steps, the stronger and more skilled you will be in dealing with discomfort. Confidence comes from doing. You are proving to yourself that you got through that discomfort and survived will be what is needed to go through the next uncomfortable moment.

Just image if you allow yourself to be in discomfort, this will get you to the place where you spend more time feeling good to get to your goal. Stay with me on this one….

Each time you go through the hard and uncomfortable, it actually gets easier and easier to go through it again. That is because it is no longer as uncomfortable for you- it actually becomes your new comfort zone- crazy, hey!

What we need to realize is that uncomfortable IS part of life, it happens. We can’t have the feeling of easy or happy all the time.

We can not let discomfort stop us from doing what we are wanting to do. When you feel discomfort is when you allow it to be there and to feel uncomfortable no matter how what. Do not fight it, avoid it or numb it out.

If I had not been willing to feel uncomfortable and continued to believe “I can’t,” then I would never have retired from Nursing to follow my passion of coaching women. There were so many uncomfortable, difficult moments is starting a business, and if I had not kept on allowing that uncomfortable feeling to be there, I would not be in the place I am now. 

I also went through so many moments of discomfort when I wanted so bad to eat after a long stressful day but didn’t. I went through the discomfort of doubt, fear, etc. getting certified as a coach so I could coach even better.

Those urges to eat are so uncomfortable, and that is why we give in to them. At that moment when it is so intense it feels more comfortable to give in then to not, but if you want to stop this cycle, you have to be willing to be with that discomfort. In the beginning, it will feel so difficult, but each time you don’t give in, it will be easier and easier to allow that urge to be there and for you not to go eat. 

This is one of the best skills you can have and frequently work with my clients on. If you are ready to work more on the process or just want help in getting started, sign up for a Free mini-session here. 

Take the next step


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When Losing Weight Feels Hard- What Do You Do?

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Are you trying to lose weight and thinking, “this is so hard”, “I can’t do this”, “I need more willpower”, “I shouldn’t have to work so hard at this,” or the big one I hear is “I don’t want to live like this forever”

These are the stories that our Brain is telling us. Our primitive Brain is doing its job, and we choose to believe what it is telling us. The primitive Brain’s job is to keep us safe and comfortable. So when we are trying to change how we are eating, or how to deal with a situation when it comes to choosing what to eat our Brain is saying all those things to try to pull us back to giving up, so we stay with your old way of doing things. The old way is safe and comfortable, even though we may not like it.

Yes, losing weight can be one of the hardest things we ever do, and that is because it is not about the food. If it were just all about the food, that diet would tell us exactly how much and what to eat and it would be working for us.

It is about us having to work on making the changes needed and not listen to our primitive Brain trying to keep us in our safe little spot. That spot is, how we have been doing things for a very long time and so no matter what we are staying there.

This is about learning to be in charge of our primitive Brain to create the results we are wanting. Think of your primitive Brain as a child in a candy store, would you give in to your child when they have their temper tantrum trying to get what they want? What would you do, would you say hey you want it so here you go or would you let them have their cry. So why would we let our primitive Brain hold us back from making the changes needed to lose the weight when it has its temper tantrum.

There are two tools you can use when you feel weight loss is hard.

The first one is to stop resisting the difficulty that you are feeling and to stop thinking that it should be easier than it is. When you resist or get upset with it being difficult, you only make it more uncomfortable and harder to lose the weight.

Think about holding a ball underwater. Imagine all the strength you have to use to hold it down; it takes a lot of energy. By using so much force and energy holding the ball down, you don’t have any energy or focus left to deal with anything else. How long can you hold that ball down before you finally give up and it shoots up to the surface? You resisting the difficulty you may feel is just like you holding that ball down. When we don’t resist, then we have the ability to put the focus and energy on what we can do.

By thinking all those thoughts about how difficult it is to lose weight only makes it harder for you to sustain what you need to do. One way you can approach this is to be willing to be uncomfortable and say yes to the hard parts.

When I was in Nursing School, in the beginning, the first few classes were not very hard, but as I went along, they became more difficult. I didn’t go into those classes thinking I would breeze right through or say, “Why is this so hard?”. Of course, I had the expectation that it would be hard because I was learning something new, and that was ok. I knew that I had to work hard to get good grades and be an amazing Nurse. Putting the time and effort into focusing and studying so that I could graduate.

What if you approached your weight loss as though when things got hard that there was nothing wrong, it is supposed to be that way. Can you go into the class of dealing with your urges as I am going to master this? Or go into the class of figuring out where you are on the hunger scale as I am going to tune into where I am at? Can you go into all the classes in weight loss as thinking I am going to follow the instructions that are given, I am going to do my best and if that doesn’t work to learn from what I did so that I figure out what will work so that I will achieve my weight loss goal.

The thing is we don’t like hard work, so we look for the magic diet out there to find the easiest way of losing weight. That magic diet is like you getting the test questions from your best friend ahead of time. You memorize the answers so when you get to that test, all you have to do is write the answers down. You don’t study so you don’t learn for yourself the reason for those answers. You have them in your head, but they are not integrated into your life. So when you walk away from that test, there isn’t anything that stays with you. Just like a fad diet, they give you what to eat or how much but they don’t have you learned why it is you are eating in the first place and what to do about it. By studying for the test, absorbing it all and then building on that knowledge that is what sticks long term. So you have to say yes to the hard work if you want permanent weight loss.

If you want to graduate from weight loss school, you have to be willing to say yes to the easy and as well to the hard. Saying yes to the days when the scale goes down and yes to the days it goes up to the days when your cravings are mild and the days when they are strong.

I think about how proud I was that I graduated even though there were many days it was hard. If I would not have said yes to all that I had to do and dropped out, then I would have had to start all over again one day. Coming back at a different time would not have made it any easier, so saying yes to it all the easy and hard is what will get us to our goal. Just think of how amazing it feels when we do reach our goal.

So what do you do when it is hard? This is where the second tool comes in when it feels hard, and that is you taking it one day at a time. Doing this takes away the overwhelm because if you are like me when I thought about having to lose 100 pounds, I didn’t even know where or how to start to lose it permanently. This was when I looked at what can I eat right now, just for today that is just that little better than I did yesterday, and that was the focus. I didn’t focus on changing everything right off the bat because that was how all the diets I tried to follow were like, and they never worked. If in that day I had a big craving for ice cream I so desperately wanted I told myself, “For today I won’t have it, but if I want it tomorrow I can.” Guess what tomorrow came, the cravings weren’t there, so I had no desire to have it. So when you are saying to yourself, “This is so hard, I don’t think I can do this anymore,” that is when you stop. You stop and think one day at a time and what can I do right now, at this moment today and then you do that the next day and the next day. And then tomorrow never comes!

So how can you apply this to trying to lose weight this summer, because it is here. I used to think that there was no way I could ever lose weight in the summer because of all the socializing that goes on. That it was going to be too much of a challenge or the big one for me was “It’s not fair that they can eat that and I can’t.” So what I did was I went to that BBQ and decided that I could eat what they were eating, that I could eat whatever I wanted but just for today I was going to follow my plan. Doing this, I felt a sense of relief knowing that not eating what was on the table today didn’t mean I could never have it. The choice was mine to make and how powerful that was. The thing was the next BBQ I went to I had no desire to eat what others were having because I felt so proud that I stuck to what I had planned the last time, so I had the confidence to do it again.

Not every day will perfect in what you choose to eat, and that is ok. So instead of focusing on your long term weight loss goal, which for me was 100 pounds, saying yes to following your plan just for today. By focusing on the long term goal that can feel so big and overwhelming, so when you focus on one day at a time that becomes a lot more manageable. This will give take away the resistance to what is coming up for you.
All you have to do is say YES to the whole process. This is huge stuff. I want you to get going on this so that you will be successful in losing the weight you want so if you find yourself needing help with it all with implementing this, please reach out to me here and we can have a mini-session to help you get to where you want to go.

Have a wonderful week, Hugs

How to Recalculate your way to losing weight

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Do you have a goal, a destination with your weight loss journey?

Do you feel overwhelmed in knowing how to get to the destination, saying to yourself, “I don’t know how to do it?”

Do you feel that where you want to be feels impossible? I can relate to this. This is exactly how I felt every time I had the goal of losing 100 pounds. I felt so frustrated and then in the end never stuck to my diet long enough to lose all the weight. I thought there was something wrong with me.

I work with women to assist them on their path to get them from where they are right now (Point A) to where they want to be (Point B).

I hear you saying, “but how do I do it as there is always something that comes up to derail me?” What if you thought of your journey in weight loss like using a GPS?

What do you do when you get in your car and set the GPS to your destination? You start following the instructions, but if you take a wrong turn, do you give up? Do you stop the car and say, “ok I am done I made a wrong turn, so I can’t continue.” Do you think “now what,” “how am I ever going to figure it out? or that “there is something wrong with me?”

No, when you are following the instructions from the GPS, and you take a wrong turn, it gently guides you back in the right direction. You hear the GPS saying “recalculate” as it is redirecting you back on your path. There is no judgement.

Relate the GPS in the car to the GPS of your weight loss journey. You first have to determine your starting point and then get clear on where your goal, your destination will be — now being the journey.

The journey takes you through four steps. These four steps are what I have learned from listening to Brendon Burchard. The four steps include: Awareness, Acceptance, Accountability and Action. Let’s break them down.


Awareness is the starting point in your journey. With losing weight, this is where you become more conscious of what you are eating right now at this moment. If you are not aware of this, you are living in denial. You can not change anything that you are not aware of. Where did you go off track in following your eating plan? Just notice this and remember the GPS doesn’t judge. The GPS just recalculates and redirects you back on your path. It is all about evaluating your thoughts, feelings, habits and also being aware if you are being too hard on yourself. Every significant change begins with awareness.


Acceptance is where most people get stuck because if you don’t like what you have done, you avoid it. Avoidance is “I don’t want to deal with it,” acceptance says, “I accept it, and I will deal with it.” Start with accepting yourself because you are a work in progress. This is also the point where you own where you have “turned off your path,” meaning where you went off your plan and that you are ready to learn to let go of what you did. If we can accept where we went off track, we can then allow the GPS to recalculate and redirect us back on our path to the goal, the destination. Where we are at this point, we consciously decide to get on the next road ahead. 


Are you ready to own your reality? Accountability is about being responsible for where you are at, what choices you made so that you can decide what next step you want to make. You don’t hear the GPS blaming anyone, even you, it is just what it is and putting the focus on what road to take next. It is all about making decisions ahead of time and then fully committing to it. When it comes to your food plan, it is planning 24 hours in advance and then writing it down. Accountable people don’t beat themselves up.


Action is about following through. Each time you make a plan, and you follow through on it, you will show yourself that you can be dependable. You see that what you set out as your goal, your destination can be reached. This gives you the momentum to keep on going.

In the process of your weight loss journey, you will have times where things don’t go as planned. As your coach, just like the GPS I guide you in redirecting yourself back on track.

Each time we recalculate, it takes us back to awareness, which helps us get clearer and clearer in how to get to our goal. You never go back to the exact starting point you began at; you will always be one more step closer to your goal.

Did you know that there are many paths to your goal? Do you agree there is no one right way, and if you continue to take the next path it will get you to your goal? The only thing you can’t do is give up.

I would love to help you reach your goal with your weight loss. If you are ready to take this step set up for a Free mini session here.



Should you eat breakfast?

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Do we really need to eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day?

If you are not hungry for breakfast, do you force yourself to eat because you feel that is the healthy choice?

Some ideas are that if you don’t eat breakfast, you will be hungrier through the rest of the day, but that is not always true.

Some ideas are that if you eat a large breakfast that will reduce food intake throughout the rest of the day, but that is not always true too.

What if we ate to what our bodies are telling us that we need for fuel? Sounds wacky right?! I thought this was not possible, that was because I was disconnected with my hunger queues that my body was trying to tell me.

Another idea was we were told that skipping breakfast will shut down our metabolism, but that has been proven not to be true.

Do you eat breakfast in a rush and if so is what are you eating for breakfast foods, mostly processed and convenient? Is it healthier to eat this type of food or none at all?

Listen to your body, and if it is telling you, you are not hungry, then don’t eat. If you are needing to lose weight you won’t starve to death, your body has the fuel for you to survive.

If you do eat breakfast, start when your hunger is a -2 and stop when it is a +2. Eat slow and savour what you are eating. Be present in eating by putting away your phone and shutting off the TV.

Hugs, you are worth it,


Here is my Quick Start Guide to Ending Yo-Yo Dieting and Overeating For Good.